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Lisa Short, founder and owner of The Short Method

What is functional medicine testing?

Functional lab testing is different than modern medicine blood testing. Instead of using blood work to rule out disease or for adjusting medication (traditional medicine approach) the functional medicine perspective looks at the whole body as one whole system.

It just makes sense

When you think about it, this makes sense because different parts of the body are all connected and affect each other. We can't simply look at one area of the body and expect to create real transformation.

Evidence based

With functional medicine we look at all the puzzle pieces of existing symptoms, combined with functional lab test results, to identify the root cause of WHY the symptoms are occurring and more importantly WHAT to do about it to move the needle towards optimal health!

The Key to Success is a Customized Plan

Functional Lab Testing & Consultation Package

Own Your Health Data

  • Comprehensive Blood Panel
  • 1 Hr Coaching & Consultation session to discuss test results and deliver personal health plan
  • Detailed Nutrition Plan including recipes, food lists, and education
  • Detailed Supplement Recommendations including current supplement audit
  • Lifestyle and Exercise Recommendations

Discovery Session

Schedule a complimentary no-pressure call with Lisa

  • What's going on with your health?
  • Review your health goals
  • Outline a high performance game plan tailored to you

Functional Lab Testing & Consultation Package


Your business relies on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure results. Now your health and fitness can too through our functional medicine lab testing services.

Through testing we are able to make measured, data driven decisions when designing your health protocols.


Utilizing your test results, a personalized health plan is created for you and delivered during a 60 minute consultation.

During your consultation we will:

  • Identify which building blocks are lacking for the brain to perform its best
  • Identify vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can be causing lack of energy
  • Discover where inflammation is in the body to proactively heal
  • How stress is manifesting in YOUR body and how to build resilience
  • Gain an understanding whether what you are currently doing is helping or hurting your health and performance
  • Finally understand what your body needs from you daily/weekly to feel your best
  • Receive a personal health plan (nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations) that will improve your health and performance now and into your future


Who is this package/service for?

This service is designed for those who are driven & ambitious, but are experiencing symptoms like brain fog, aches and pains, stomach issues, IBS, mood issues, depression, anxiety, sleep issues, auto-immune disease, and more.

I support those who know that improving their body and brain performance in work and in life is important. They are looking to optimize their health so it doesn't hold them back, but instead supports them in reaching all of their ambitious goals.

Where do I get my labs (blood draw) done?

Blood draws are taken care of at the nearest Labcorp to you. Labcorp is a national provider of blood draw services supporting the health care industry.

After purchasing the lab testing and consultation package, you will receive your lab order from me directly with any instructions on what's next and I can help you locate the nearest Labcorp to you if needed.

Can I get a comprehensive blood panel done by my doctor so I can use insurance?

Unfortunately I have never seen this successfully done. You may have the best, most understanding doctor but they have to work within the restraints of insurance. Insurance doesn't usually pay for this level of prevention care.

I've learned personally, insurance is in the business of sick care, not health care.

I just got blood work done not too long ago, can I just send you those?

Any time I've agreed to this in the past I still had to run labs to fill in the gaps. A full lab check with your doctor is not with the same lens and intention as a full functional lab with me.

Do you offer additional coaching or follow up?

Yes, I have a 6-month program and a membership program both offering ongoing coaching and testing to ensure goals are being met.

Do you do any other kind of testing?

Yes, I also offer genetic testing and hormone testing packages. These, along with other personalized test, are included in my 6-month and membership programs.

Genetic testing uses your DNA and generates a personal report for the type of exercise your body responds best to, what kind of diet you body needs, what vitamins and minerals your body needs to supplement, your top prevention strategies, and even some food sensitivities.

Hormone testing measures the hormones that affect our energy, sleep, weight, sex hormones, and so so so much more! Highly recommended for those wanting to lose weight after trying EVERYTHING or women going through menopause.

Additional recommended tests can be food sensitivity testing, gut/stool testing, toxicity levels, and nutrient testing.

Do you recommend supplements?

Most of the time I do. If you have deficiencies for example, supplements can be a great way to support the body. The right supplements can also aid in proper detoxification, reduce inflammation, help to absorb nutrients from your food better, and support brain health just to name a few.

Good nutrition is of course very important for healing and supplements support a healthy diet and lifestyle for optimization.

Supplements that I recommend are professional grade and quality tested.


Lisa Short is a Functional Medicine Nutrition and Exercise Specialist & founder of The Short Method

With over 13 years experience as an entrepreneur and health professional, she helps entrepreneurs prevent burn out and thrive in their business and life.

Utilizing a blend of health data and personalized programming, The Short Method program is the new "Entrepreneurial Edge".

Take your health and performance in your own hands. Do you know your health KPI's?

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