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A Training by Lisa Short, The Short Method

Friday, January 27th @ 1-2 PST / 4-5 EST

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Gain massive clarity

in how to increase your energy, health, mood, fitness, lose weight and age your best.

Lisa has worked in the diet, fitness and health industry for over 15 years and has witnessed trends come and go, leaving consumers overwhelmed, frustrated and sometimes even moving backwards in their health due to quick fixes and a lack of personalization.

But the industry is about to change and Lisa is introducing the new standards to personalized health plans that will make the tactics of the health industry irrelevant!

In this training you will discover:

How to gain access to the highest caliber personalization available, put into a framework that will optimize your health because it is built around you and for ONLY you.

How you can empower yourself by becoming 100% confident in the actions you take for your health, nutrition, exercise, supplements, mental health, aging, health prevention and lifestyle - LONGTERM.

How you can stop waisting your time, energy and money on multiple health tactics by only focusing on the main things you know create the highest results for you, and you'll even have the data to prove it!

No more listening to someone else tell you what to do for your health that knows NOTHING about your body. It’s time that the diet and fitness industry put its tactics to rest and you come to the table knowing what’s best for you.

About this webinar series

It’s so easy to get lost in achieving business goals while sacrificing personal life and health.

But the reality is, sacrificing your health for business success is going to sabotage your success and growth in ALL areas of your life. Because if you don't feel well you can't be productive.

To serve others as a leader and make an impact you have to first look after yourself. Good sleep, diet, exercise, reflection, meditation, play, taking a break… All of these things are fundamental to achieving optimal performance.

But what if there's something more going on? Your body feels off, you feel more tired than you should, it's been impossible to lose weight or mood changes and anxiety have heightened.

If you've ventured down the path of overworked, over stressed, under-slept and put yourself last for too long, and it's starting to show, this is the time to take action!

Get answers for creating not just optimal health, but the kind of health that gives you stamina, improves your focus, creativity and energy, increased stress resilience, supports your drive and ambition, and makes business and life easier.

Join this free 60 minute training to learn what your body needs to create health for high performance.

Lisa Short, founder The Short Method

About your presenter: LISA SHORT

Lisa Short is a Functional Medicine Nutrition and Exercise Specialist & founder of The Short Method

Lisa Short has been in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years. As a driven business owner and mother of 2 she burned the candles at both ends and suffered health consequences such as insomnia and Hoshimotos disease.

Realizing something had to change in order to get her life back and continue to excel in business she became certified in Functional Medicine Nutrition.

As a result from helping herself become better equipped as a business owner and mother and has now helped hundreds of clients do the same, she created The Short Method. A specific methodology to improve and optimize health for the ambitious business owner.

Feeling better, losing weight, and preventing disease are very important aspects to optimizing health but for those who run a business, are making an impact in the world and have ambitious goals, the brain and body must perform at a higher level. When you don't fell well, you can't be productive and not reaching your full potential is an ambitious person's worst nightmare.

With The Short Method, high achievers see a real measurable ROI and gain an edge in their health, productivity, performance and impact.

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